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Flexible office alternatives allow the time and savings to strengthen any business portfolio. Low risk, no capital outlay, and the promise of expansion potential allow business owners the freedom to build portfoliosw ithout the fiscal and management burden typical of property maintenance, staffing, and other relative property operating expenses. The ability to focus on more important objectives such as keeping overhead low without having to sacrifice vital services necessary to meet important business strategies vital to any business portfolio is of the utmost importance for the success of any business.

An Executive Office Suite package can both reduce your business overhead, increase your support services, and project a powerful and professional image for your company. Click here to learn more or call Mickey Fowler for more details at (860) 349-7017.


Both mobile professionals and home-based businesses face challenges unique in comparison to other businesses. While the business of being mobile or working from home obviously offers its advantages, especially in terms of low overhead and flexibility, individuals who work in this capacity must be diversified in facing the unavoidable business challenges of clients telephoning and sending business mail, meeting with clients, and how these work practices project a professional image and edge in today's markets.

At Executive Offices we have the solution for mobile and home-based business professionals. Click here to learn more.


Within today's market more individuals are taking charge of their own future and creating their own employment by starting their own business. According to economists this is the trend of the future. And why not? Owning your own business affords working adults a flexible work schedule, guaranteed job security, and freedom to earn whatever you want. However, with the potential for freedom comes risk. Risk in the form of the captital outlay necessary to satisfy your property management and staffing needs to operate successfully. For example, the cost of a full-time receptionist in of itself could average (minimum) $360 a week not withstanding the many rules and regulations business owners must adhere to in the job market. Add to that the cost to purchase your office(s) property and often many businesses fail before they even start.

Give your new business the best start possible by allowing yourself the freedom of an all inclusive office package at Executive Offices. Click here for more details.


As a business owner real estate is one of the biggest investments you must take on. This investment is often the reason many entrepreneurs struggle to survive in today's markets. Executive Offices has the solution for you.

From our impressive welcoming lobby to our friendly reception areas and professionally furnished offices, all of our turn-key executive offices are exactly what you may be looking for.

Just walk in and start doing business. We’ve already taken care of the phones, high-speed internet access, office furniture and we even clean your office weekly — all for just one monthly charge starting at $350 per month. Conference rooms and professional office services are at your disposal and included in your package. And so are our many support services. Click here to learn more.


In today's economic climate large businesses and corporations will benefit from any reduction in costly overhead expenses so they can begin to focus on more flexible business portfolios, cost effective ways to maneuver new markets, and stabilization of rising costs in an effort to increase profits and improve the long term outlook for business success.

At Executive Offices our professional turn-key office suites with inclusive office services designed to lower overhead is the perfect solution for large and corporate businesses in today's markets. Click here to learn more.