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frequently asked questions

Question: If I would like a virtual office, what are my start up costs/down payment?

Answer: To have a virtual office there is a one-time $150 setup fee and your first month rent is due at the time you commence leasing. Please call Mickey at (860) 349-7000 with any questions or concerns you may have about virtual office plans and getting started. You will be surprised how easy it is to get started.

Question: If I rent an office can I enter the building at anytime I want.

Answer: Yes. Executive Offices is a secured 24/7 accessible building. You will be given a security code (which should not be shared with anyone else) to enter the building after hours and on weekends. Please click here for more information on our secure, safe facilities.

Question: Can I get more voicemail boxes other than the one that comes with my office rental?

Answer: Yes. Each phone number may have numerous voice mailboxes (not to be confused with separate telephone numbers). When a caller telephones your office number our receptionists will route your call to your office. If you or your personnel do not pick up your call an automated attendant will retrieve your call for you and guide the caller as to which mailbox the caller would like to be routed to at your company. In other words, your main telephone , via your automated attendant, has the ability to route your incoming calls to various mailboxes (e.g.: accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.). Executive Offices tailors to each clients' needs. If you have a special request such as an additional telephone number please just give Mickey a call at (860) 349-7000. Many of our tenants have diversified needs. Here at Executive Offices our goal is to make our tenants happy and want to stay on with us as long as they are in business.